Where are you?

You've landed where I share my book reviews. I believe in being honest in a book review - although also, hopefully, tactful. I also believe that most books do have an audience somewhere. So if I dislike a book, I'll tell you so, but I'll also try to tell you why in such a way … Continue reading Where are you?

The Truth About Her

By Jacqueline Maley ISBN: 978 1460759165 4th Estate (2021) “The Truth About Her” surprised me – the blurb had somehow made me expect a chick lit type novel, but this is a denser and more serious novel than you usually find in that genre. It’s excellent, thoughtful and observational, without ever being stuffy. Suzy Hamilton … Continue reading The Truth About Her

One Last Dance

By: Emma Jane Holmes ISBN: 978-1-4892-5102-2 HQ non-fiction (2021) “One Last Dance” is the memoir of Emma Jane Holmes, who simultaneously worked in the funeral and adult entertainment industries in Sydney. Both industries fascinate people, lend themselves to misconceptions, and cause people to eye those who work there uneasily. This memoir addresses all these issues. … Continue reading One Last Dance

The Emporium of Imagination

By Tabitha Bird ISBN: 978-1-76089-591-4 Penguin Random House (2021) “The Emporium of Imagination” is a truly lovely book, although one that is also powerfully sad. It’s the perfect mixture of grief, love, hope, pain, and optimism. It isn’t always easy to read, but it’s likely to be hard to forget. Earlatidge Hubert Umbray, custodian of … Continue reading The Emporium of Imagination

The Covered Wife

By Lisa Emanuel ISBN: 978-0-6487952-3-0 Pantera Press (2021) “The Covered Wife” is a novel that goes in unconventional directions, challenging readers in ways they might not expect. I found it both moving and frightening, and at the last, deeply sad. Sarah is a moderately successful lawyer in Sydney. She has friends, but doesn’t feel deeply … Continue reading The Covered Wife

Defending the Galaxy

Volume III of the Sentinels of the Galaxy series By Maria V Snyder ISBN: 978-1-4892-5278-4 Young Adult HQ (2021) “Defending the Galaxy” is a fabulous finale to one of the best science fiction trilogies I’ve read in some time. Nominally young adult, it stands alongside the best of “adult” science fiction. This novel opens pretty … Continue reading Defending the Galaxy

Chasing the Shadows

VII of the Sentinels of the Galaxy series By Maria V Snyder ISBN:  978-4892-5276-0 Young Adult HQ (2020) “Chasing the Shadows” is the second in a trilogy. The first, “Navigating the Stars”, is an excellent piece of science fiction. This volume doesn’t disappoint, advancing the story and characters and leaving me eager to read the … Continue reading Chasing the Shadows

The Bushranger’s Wife

By Cheryl Adnams ISBN: 978-1-8672-0812-9 Mira (2021) “The Bushranger’s Wife” is a lively historical romance, focused on providing an energetic romp through Australia in 1861. Prudence Stanforth and her repressive grandmother have just moved to Australia from England. Before they even reach their destination – Uncle Robert’s property – they are robbed at gunpoint by … Continue reading The Bushranger’s Wife